Secure Perimeter

Our long term vision since we began our mission work in south Haiti was to be able to host all of our events for the community on our own property.  This includes Vacation Bible School for the children during the summer, expanding our small clinic to a full medical facility, and a place for the children participating in the Breakfast Before Class program to have their meals during the school year.  We are now one step closer to realizing that vision with the completion of our Secure Perimeter project. 

In March 2016, a small team took a trip to Valbrune to oversee the construction of a fence to enclose our property their.  With the completion of the enclosure, we can now begin construction of other facilities on the property and expand others.  Our organization paid for the labor and materials ahead of time in faith that we could find sponsors for the project.  For just $10, you can be a sponsor of this project.  With your donation, we will designate one of the 170 concrete posts to you.  Many donors have written the name of a loved one or a favorite Bible verse on their post.

If you would like to make a donation towards our Secure Perimeter project, head to our Donate page and designate your funds as "Secure Perimeter" along with your donation.  Please contact us for more information.

All donations are tax deductable.